Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kryolan Lipstick - Review

Hello there,

I have started enjoying writing reviews more than ever as this gives me an opportunity to shop more and explore other brands that I have never got my hands on earlier. The product that I am reviewing today is a brand that I have heard so much about, specially their TV paint stick. Their makeup is used by makeup artists in television, film and theatre and they are one of the world’s first professional makeup brands. This was my first time visiting their exclusive Kryolan makeup store in Chennai at Ramee mall under the Hyatt hotel and I was very excited to see what they had to offer. So, read on to see what I bought and my overall experience.

Product name: Kryolan Professional lipstick

Shade #: LC 130

Weight: 4gms

Price: Rs300


About Kryolan brand:

There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

Kryolan have been supplying the film, theatre and television industries for over sixty-six years, which makes us one of the world’s first professional make-up brands. We’re still the number one choice for make-up artists today, thanks to our extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories.

Kryolan’s chemists have been developing our professional range from our headquarters in Berlin for over six decades. During this time, we’ve created and perfected 750 colour-intense shades in over 16,000 products, which are currently used in more than 80 countries in every continent worldwide.

Also read:

Their products stand out under HD lighting and filming conditions, products are long lasting and comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, ingredients used are of highest purity, colour continuity guaranteed, perfect for professional environment and also suitable for everyday wear.

My experience with the product:

You know that feeling when you want to own at least one product from every brand on this planet so this time it was Kryolan. I was amazed to see so many different products, vast colour range of lipsticks, eye shadows and rest of the base makeup too. The staff was very helpful however, I asked them to let me explore the store by myself and would call for assistance if needed. So, I tried and tested most of their makeup by swatching and bought myself this lipstick which I loved at once. The lipstick comes in a basic greyish silver tube with a silver hardware finish on the cap and Kryolan embossed to the side of the cap, nothing fancy but it is still likeable. It closes with a click sound which means it is safe to carry in your handbag.

I have always fancied my lipsticks with a shade or tinge of brown in them like a Rosie brown or peachy brown and this shade is a coral brown in my opinion and this shade will suit fair to medium skinned beauties. The formula of the lipstick is neither creamy nor matte its somewhere in between. It glides on super smooth without any trouble. I personally feel that the lipstick appears to look matte but it’s not and that’s what I liked. It does not accentuate dry lips neither settles in fine lines. What I noticed is as the formula is creamy it is transferrable, but it does not affect how the lipstick looks even after transferring this means the shade is immensely pigmented and it stays put even after a cup of coffee. However, after a meal it leaves a stain like finish but it’s still there and that’s what makes it a special one. Even the expensive stuff doesn’t last as good as this economical product.


The Nice:


So many different shades to choose from.


Sturdy packaging

Reapplication not needed so often

Does not accentuate fine lines

Does not test on animals! Yayyy

Highly pigmented

The not so nice:

Availability is a concern as they have very few stores in India.


Final thoughts:

I am in love with this gorgeous shade and I plan to pick a few more different ones. They are very affordable so you can play with colours without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Clinique anti-blemish solutions clinical clearing gel - Review

Hey everyone,

Trying tonnes of different products all the time just to find that one perfect product has never been an easy task. Going by a company’s claims about their products is a risky affair but sometimes you ought to don that guinea pig cap and see and believe things for yourself. In the process of doing so, your skin can go through turbulent times that includes acne breakouts or redness and this thought itself is very scary. L So, when my skin was experiencing one such bad phase I was on a lookout for a product that was allergy tested and fragrance free and that suited my combination skin at the same time. So, after doing some online research and store to store enquiries I finalized this product that I will be reviewing today.

Product name: Clinique anti-blemish solutions clinical clearing gel

Price: RS 1300 / $17

Quantity: 15 ml

Product claims:

Our daily treatment gel starts clearing blemishes upon application. Helps prevent new ones from making unwelcome appearance. Making visibly clearer skin a way of life.

My experience with the product:

I went to get a spot treatment gel but the SA at the Clinique store said they were out of stock and she suggested me this clearing gel instead. Which can be used both as a spot treatment and for overall application too. Plus, this was a new launch by them. After test application in the store on a live acne that I was suffering from I decided to give this stuff a chance.

Now, what made me pick this particular product was that it was meeting all my requirements of being allergy tested, fragrance free and it was made to cater all skin types. In addition to these points what I also liked about it was it was a clear gel which was not visible when applied.

I have tried and tested this product on my acne and here are my thoughts:

After cleansing, toning and moisturizing I would apply this gel on the areas that needed attention both A.M and P.M. Now what I have noticed is when you start applying this gel on a fully formed acne or blister it does not show results overnight which I was hoping for but it takes a minimum of 3 days to suppress the acne bump and also I observed that just spot applying this 3 to 4 times a day was more beneficial than only 2 times a day. By the way, if applied on an already grown pimple or bump there are chances that the blemish will leave its mark and this gel won’t be of much help to lighten or eradicate those marks. Another thing is that if you start using this gel on acne/bump that is still under your skin and has not developed this works way well in such cases by not allowing or giving it a chance to break out. You can use this under your makeup and even on top of your makeup as it won’t be apparent. The gel is clear and immediately evaporates upon application leaving a film like appearance which is otherwise not visible. You may feel a sense of dryness and stiffness around the area you apply it but it does not sting.

The Nice:

Allergy tested

Fragrance free

Suits all skin types

It’s a clear gel

Oil free

Travel friendly and can be carried along anywhere in your handbag for spot application.

Can be used both as spot applicator and overall.

Can be used under or over makeup.

Dries immediately on the skin when applied

Works to suppress existing and new acne.

The Not so Nice:

Cannot avoid the blemish marks.


Rating: 3.75/5

Final verdict:

I am overall quite happy with this product as it is helping to heal my skin but I only wish it also worked to eliminate the blemishes while its working to put an end to those horrible creepy looking acne bumps… :D

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Forest Essentials- Tejasvi Emulsion Review

Hey everyone,

I know there has been a delay in my blog posts this time as I have been under the weather. I have not recovered yet but I was itching to do a post because writing for my blog is what was going to make me feel better. Today I am reviewing a product from one of favourite brands yes, it is Forest Essentials.
In a given day I have several encounters with a mirror just to see if I am looking the way I looked when I first got ready in the morning but alas! my dull face shatters all my hopes making me very unhappy.:(  Having tried the best of products from various high end brands I was still left wanting more goodness for my skin as the results wouldn't last. so, one day I decided to go the natural way and gave Forest Essential a go and there has been no looking back. Read on to see what I found and how it faired?

Product name: Forest essentials Lightening and brightening Tejasvi emulsion
Price: Rs 1975
weight: 50 gms

What the product claims:
 A emulsion formulated by combining natural moisturizers with selected herbs to provide extraordinary fairness, smoothness and suppleness to the skin. Active herbs includes are very potent antioxidant agents which help in reducing the damaging effect of free radicals. Regular usage of this product enhances elasticity of the skin leaving it lighter, fairer, supple, youthful and a radiant glow or "Tejas".
Ingredient's list:
Aged cows milk Ghee 40%, Kasturi Manjal 5%, Virgin coconut oil 5%, Saffron 2.5%, Peepal Leaves Extract 2.5%, Organic Bee's Wax 2.5%, Jivanti 1%, Banyan Leaves Extract 1%, Akashneem 1%, Base QS.

My experience with the product:
This product comes in a plastic jar which has another opaque white colour tub inside that holds the product and the screw cap is a lovely golden colour with Forest essentials embossed on it giving it a very luxurious spa like feel when kept on your bath shelf. I seriously want to fill up my shelf with every single product they offer as this stuff is so desirable.
coming to the product, I use this product almost every night after cleansing my face. I just apply some product on my face covering my cheeks, forehead, chin and neck and massage this into the skin for 5 minutes in upward strokes. The product emulsifies and quickly melts as soon as u rub it against your skin making it easier to massage. A 15 to 20 minutes of massage is good if you are going to use this twice a week but in my opinion a 5 minutes massage works fine for me. I may alter the usage based on my skins requirement.
After massaging I leave this on my skin for another 10 minutes so that my skin can reap all the benefits it can and then with a wet cotton wipe I take off the excess product which is hardly there as my dry cheeks absorb most of it. Alternately, you can wring a hot towel and wipe your face too and then follow it with your night cream if need be.
I have a combination skin and I have been using this product from last 10 days and believe me you I am super impressed with this stuff. It is stuff that actually works and when it works it does wonders. I have never woken up with a brighter, softer, plump, glowing skin in a really long time.

The Nice:
100% natural products
Paraben free
Not tested on animals
Did not break me out
Luxurious packaging
Claims of brightening hold true but not sure of the lightening part yet as its been only 10 days of usage so far.
Sturdy packaging makes it travel friendly
Love the ingredients that goes into the making of this product.

The not so Nice:
Not everyone may like the cows ghee smell
Can be too rich and heavy for oily skinned beauties.

Rating: 4.5/5

Final thoughts: If you want to wake up with a brighter, softer and healthy looking skin that gives you a radiant glow or "Tejas" then incorporate this product in your skincare regime. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading as always.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Get ready in less than 5 minutes

Wow! Sounds incredible eh? As much as I like spending time before the mirror doing my makeup, there are days when I have no time at my hand at all. And because most of us are not gifted with that flawless model like skin, we fear to step out of the house without slathering makeup on. But when I am pressed for time and I know that  I can’t do a full face makeup I incorporated these 5 products to eliminate the extra steps yet giving me similar results. :)

So, in today’s post I am sharing the quintessential makeup products I use to get ready in less than 5 minutes.

A tinted moisturiser with SPF:

This is a admirable product as it gives you an advantage of having 3 products in 1  a) Moisturizer b)Foundation/BB cream c) sunscreen. . I personally love Clinique’s moisture surge tinted moisturizer  with SPF 15 as it gives me an even skin tone with a healthy glow without having to try too hard and I love that.

Time taken:  1 minute


How would this product ever not be a part of any list? Ha-ha: D how can you blush without a blush? Whether you‘re a dry skin or oily, whether your choice of blush is a powder finish or cream based never miss to use them. A blush not only gives your face a dimension but will also perk up your overall look. Pick your chose from pinks, peaches or corals. My current favourite is MAC’s Melba blush which is a peachy coral shade.

Time taken:  30 seconds


There is no need to panic when doing your eye makeup just use the kohl along your waterline when you  got to expedite or speed up because this is no time to perfect  a liquid eyeliner or try a winged eye liner look. I prefer to use a brown kohl when I am in a speed because brown is more forgiving than a black liner. My current favourite is Lakme’s eyeconic kajal in Brown as it glides smoothly without tugging and it stays put as its smudge proof.

Time taken: 1 minute


Oh my mascara! Pretty underrated for the excellence it is capable of. Fluttering your eyes was never so flattering if mascara was not invented. A good coat of mascara awakens your dull eyes and adds drama to your face (in a good way).  My current personal favourite is Estee Lauders Sumptuous Extreme mascara. It is a great product as this mascara wand does the magic for me.

Time taken:   1 to 2 minutes depends from person to person

Lipstick/lip gloss:

Keep calm and put some lipstick on! This last product on my list is what you call a deal signed, sealed and delivered. Prettiest of all and easiest to apply is what you call a Lipstick. I never shy away from reapplying a lipstick even if I am standing in a queue of a billing counter in a store or at a restaurants dinner table. I am so addicted to them. So, yeah don’t forget that lippy to finish off your look. I am a lipstick person especially matte finishes and I trust MAC’s Mocha lipstick to do the trick for me.

Time taken: 30 seconds

These are the things I use to achieve a near to perfect look without spending too much time and yes don’t forget to wear that smile before you say goodbye to the mirror.

That’s all from me. Got to rush as I just have 5 minutes...!!!! Ha-ha….  Thanks for reading. Stay happy and blessed.



Friday, 8 August 2014

Forest Essentials Ultra rich body lotion - Review

Hi everyone,

All year around I experience dry skin issues. It doesn’t really matter what season we are in, my skin always feels thirsty, dehydrated and moisture less. While I am always trying to do my best for it by using the finest available stuff but the benefits don’t really last. On my hunt for a perfect body lotion I stumbled upon the Forest Essentials outlet one day.

In the past I have tried many chemical formulated creams and lotions but at the back of mind I wanted something more natural and primitive. My quest ended when I found this ultimate luxury product by Forest Essentials.

Product name: Forest Essentials Ultra Rich body lotion Mashobra Honey & Vanilla

Price: Rs 1075

Quantity:  200ml

About the Product:

This Body Lotion contains real caramelized sugar crystals that have been used in several traditional Asian recipes for luxurious skin treatments. Being a natural humectant sugar attracts moisture to the skin, making it soft, supple and dew-like. Almond oil from sweet almonds is nutritious, adds glow, deeply moisturizes. Apricot oil nourishes, revitalizes, softens and improves skin elasticity. Kokum      Butter is composed of beneficial compounds that help to regenerate and nourish skin cells. Organic Beeswax deeply nourishes, rejuvenates and firms the skin. Gokharu revitalizes dull dry skin, it also firms and tones. Natural Almond Nut Butter is deeply nourishing and restores suppleness. Olive Oil is a source of anti-oxidants and neutralizes free radicals that damage the skin and accelerate the aging process; it is moisturizing and skin-rejuvenating. Honey's natural antioxidant properties help to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays, replenish skin moisture, leaving it feeling soft and supple while Vanilla neutralizes free radicals and oxidants, and it is known as a stress reliever.


Making of the Product:Organic Almonds and Apricots are cold pressed by hand (using old fashioned oil crushers and without heating) to retain their active ingredients, which are then used to craft the product. Burnt Sugar from Sugar Cane is blended with herbs and butter to make an emulsion with the oils.

Product Benefits:Forest Essentials Body Lotion Mashobra Honey and Vanilla is enriched with cold pressed organic oils which make the skin soft, nourished and supple. Kokum butter along with burnt sugar and organic beeswax provide natural hydration and makes the skin smooth. Antioxidant properties of Vitamin E and Gokharu reduce the ill effects of free radicals and give luster to the skin with the warm sweet fragrance of Mashobra Honey and Vanilla.

Note:The above info is taken from the FE website and the reason I have mentioned the above information here is for you to know what makes this product special.


My take on the product:

Wow! The FE website has provided such an exquisite and deep description available for its customers. Honestly, I was amazed when I visited their website before writing this review every single detail about their brand has been disclosed on what is Ayurveda, how it originated, how the skin is categorized, the philosophy of 5 basic elements and how they represent the 5 human senses and their respective organs in a human being, what products they recommend for a certain skin type, their best sellers, personalized consultations, about shipping, and also a made to order beauty cream to suit your skin requirements. Now, that’s what I call Brilliance!

I just can’t praise them enough for the passion and interest they show for their out of the ordinary products. Every product they sell comes with a detailed description of the ingredients and how those ingredients are used in order to benefit your skin. I have tried and tested a few products from FE and believe me you will fall in love with them. One such product is the Ultra Rich body lotion. I have had dry skin issues in the past and why I am saying in the past is because they have been taken care of now with this body lotion. It is sheer excellence in this bottle. I always carry a miniature size of this lotion in my bag as it not only helps to moisturize my hands but the smell uplifts my spirit.

The packaging is very practical that’s made of a plastic body and gorgeous gold screw cap. The texture is not thick neither runny it is lotion like. It takes a moment to massage the dispensed product on to your applied area and then the complete product is absorbed by your skin leaving it nourished.

What I personally like about this lotion is that it is very moisturizing but not greasy and oily at all. It instantly hydrates and replenishes my skin without leaving any slick or coat. It gets absorbed in the skin like a dream and you are left with soft supple fresh smelling skin. I am all praises for this bottle as it deserves acclamation.



The Nice:

Smells beautiful and fresh

100% natural ingredients
Very moisturizing without being greasy

Paraben free

Against animal testing

Online delivery offered in India

International shipping is also available

Sturdy packaging makes it travel friendly

Miniatures available too

No artificial colour, no synthetic fragrance or petroleum


The Not so nice:


Ummmm…. I can’t think of any because there aren’t any. J Happy face.


Final Verdict:

If you want a 100% natural, potent ayurvedic ingredients that smell heavenly then go visit a Forest essential store near to you to experience “Luxurious Ayurveda” that is made available to us in its most desirable form. Highly recommended.


Rating: 5/5


Thanks for reading. Do you have any favourite products from this brand? Do share them in the comments below.




Tuesday, 5 August 2014

5 Must have MAC Lipsticks

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are doing great. I have not been so regular with my blog posts for the last few days as I was not keeping too well. Now as I write this post I feel that I am in the pink of health. By now you all know that I am a MAC addict and this post will further testify it.

Ok, let’s move on….

A girls love for lipsticks begins at a very young age which commences with a lip balm then progresses  to a lip gloss and then stays with lipsticks at least that has been the case with me. I have owned countless number of lip glosses and lipsticks so far and I know it won’t end here. While in the routine of testing trying and owning n number of products I presume I have a few lipsticks that I would always repurchase and today I am sharing a few of them with you.

1)      MAC Russian Red

Finish: Matte

This is by far the best red lipstick I own. It’s a blue toned red which works for everyone. This shade comes in a matte finish which is not drying on the lips  like the ruby woo does. If you have very dry lips do use a lip balm before application but otherwise it does not accentuate the chapped lines. This shade has an outstanding colour payoff and only one swipe of this colour gives you an opaque finish. This best way to apply this lipstick is to apply, blot and reapply and you are done. If you want a lasting finish I suggest you use a red lip liner like Mac’s cherry before putting on this lipstick and it will survive your meal and a cup of coffee too. J

Overall a brilliant product looks good on all skin tones.


2)      MAC Mocha

Finish: Satin

This is a second favourite of mine. I simply can’t do without this shade as it’s my everyday go to colour. When I can’t decide what lipstick I want to wear I always get my hands on this one. This is a universally flattering colour which will work for any skin tone. It’s a very pretty soft brown with hints of peach. As I love wearing smoky eyes this is the shade that compliments the overall look fabulously without looking washed out. Though the texture is a satin finish it settles down to a satin-matte finish. Again this one is highly pigmented and one swipe shows up the actual colour. This has a decent staying power of 3 to 4hrs and then you will need to reapply. On the whole, a must have in your stash.



3)      Plastique

Finish:  Frost

This is a very beautiful frosty shade. It looks more like a lip gloss when applied as it’s very sheer and moisturizing. It  looks like a duo chrome of bronze and peach. As it’s very sheer it may not be a good choice for pigmented lips but you can still use this with a nude lip liner as a base in fact it shows up beautifully when applied over another lipstick  like a matte brown or matte pink giving it a glossy sheen. I personally feel that matured women would love wearing it as it gives a very sophisticated appeal. This will also work best for dark skinned beauties getting you the right amount of attention.


4)      MAC  Mehr

Finish: Matte

My love for matte finish is never dying and with this one in my stash I know for sure it’s never  ever dying J . This is a blue toned pink with a super matte finish. This is a must have pink in your collection as this shade adapts itself to your skin tone making you look pretty. If you are not a pink person try this shade out and I bet you will love it. Another Holy Grail shade of mine when I want to wear a pink blush I always pick this one to team up. This shade has always been a fast selling one and I had to make a couple of visits to the Mac store before I could own it. Very long lasting on the lips without the need to reapply.


5)      MAC Rebel:

Finish: Satin

Rebel as the name suggests. Firstly, it is not as dark as it appears in the tube. It is a dark pinkish magenta shade which  can be the star of your makeup look. A great colour for fall/winters as it can brighten up a dull face by adding enough colour and it can also glam up a boring outfit by bringing all the focus and attention to your lipstick. A head turner for sure. As this is a satin finish this shade is non-drying and makes for a very smooth application as it does not tug or accentuate chapped lips but beware as the colour may bleed so, lining your lips with a lip liner is very important. It wears very well if used with a lip liner and even after fading this leaves a lovely pink stain on your lips which is not very easy to get rid of. This is a very bold and vibrant colour and a good replacement for a red.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing and sharing it. If you have any cult favourites do share them in the comments below.


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