Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My current skincare regime!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are doing great. I just returned from a much awaited and a much needed holiday and now I feel so rejuvenated. I think taking some time off to get away to some place you love gives your thoughts a new dimension and leaves you feeling accomplished. Anyways, it’s been a long while that I had written a blog post and it’s about time I write this one.

You know I am always a curious type to know what each ones skincare routine must be like, what products work for what skin type, what lotions and potions a combination skin could benefit from and stuff like that. As you know I am a beauty and a skincare junkie and I love to try new stuff all the time which can sometimes involve skin turbulence (if I may so call it. I guess I am still holidaying in my mind: D) meaning your skin can react not in a good way to the stuff you may be hoping to work for you but who doesn’t wish to settle for a perfect skincare regime that your skin can fall back upon in times of grave need I guess I now have my contingency plan in place.

Okay, I have a normal to combination skin type that has been recently prone to break outs due to some wrong products and of course the change of climate L

I am going to be sharing my current skincare routine today here on my blog and I hope it helps.


Eau Thermale Avene Gentle gel cleanser rinse-off formula for normal to combination sensitive skin type.

That’s quite a mouthful! I picked up this cleanser as I wanted to cease using foaming face washes as they would just leave my skin dry and flaky so, I got myself this beauty and I am super happy to have it. I always wondered if a soap free cleanser could do a good job of washing away impurities but after cleansing my skin with this I am content the way  my skin feels clean, fresh and soft not screaming for a moisturizer for rescue. This cleanser has a mild fragrance which I like and is not bothersome to me but claiming to be for sensitive skin I wonder about the fragrance part.

How I use it:  This cleanser comes with a pump dispenser making it so easy to dispense just the right amount you may need. I just take about 1 pump and sometimes 2 if I am wearing makeup. Though it removes all the dirt and grime from the face but be sure to use a makeup remover to get rid of your makeup first as stubborn and water proof makeup may not be this one’s game.

Quantity: 200 ml / 6.76 FL. OZ.

Price: RS 1400

Avene Eau Thermal spring water:

Ever since I bought it, this has become a cult favourite of mine. It soothes and calms my skin leaving it fresh and bright. This can be used by anyone and with any skin type and there are tonnes of different purposes that this can be used for. You can refer to their website or instruction panel that it comes with. This is a staple in my vanity and I carry a 50 ml can in my bag at all times it is a must have in my opinion. this stuff travels with me wherever I go including my holidays.

How I use it:

I basically use this as a toner after I have cleansed my face with the avene gentle cleanser. I spritz this on my face generously and then allow it to sink into the skin by itself  and then pat dry the rest with my fingers.

Quantity: 150 ml 5.2 OZ.

Price: RS 1050

Avene skin recovery cream calming formula:

This is the final product that goes on to my skin and I use this as a moisturizer both AM and PM. This is a rich cream which does not need to be applied generously just a pea size amount is enough to cover my face. It nourishes and gives enough moisture your skin needs without making it too oily. I may consider a different cream for summer though as it may make my combination skin appear oily. But for now I am content with it. This cream comes in a small plastic tube with a nozzle, the colour of the cream is white in colour and has no fragrance whatsoever also it has a calming formula so it will help and subside the redness on your skin.

How I use it:

After cleansing and toning I apply a pea size amount all over my face leaving the under eye area.

Quantity: 40 ml

Price: RS 1400

That is pretty much the regime I am currently following you may have noticed there are a few things missing in this post I know I know my under eye cream, sunscreen and night cream. I am yet to find the right ones so while my skin is recovering with the help of these above mentioned products I want to stay distant from new stuff for now that could aggravate my skin further.

I will soon be getting myself the missing products but if you have any of your favourites that have never let you down please share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.



Monday, 6 October 2014

September favourites

Hello everyone,

September has ended and October has begun which calls for a new blog post on all things I have enjoyed wearing/using/loving in the past month. I always tell myself that I am going to resist going to the mall and avoid indulgence but I am always at the mercy of these brands that make me ditch all the promises made to self. (Note to self NO more promises splurge if you can).

Let’s kick start the post now:

Avene Eau thermal spring water:

If you have read my last post you will know that my skin has suffered a lot from breakouts due to highly fragrant products that I involved in my skincare from Forest essentials and that whole experience was shockingly dreadful leaving no hopes of recovery and then I treated my skin to this amazingly amazing product which has been my saving grace. I will do a full review on this later. I would love to include this product in every month's favourites as it is that good. I have recommended this to a cousin and he is all praises for it. It retails at RS 1050 for a 150 ml.

The body shop India powder brush:

 I was looking for a new powder brush and I visited the MAC cosmetics store and was gobsmacked to know that a powder brush would cost me RS 5000? NO way was I shelling out that much money on a brush knowing that some of their face brushes shed. I wish Real techniques sold their makeup brushes in stores here L so, my next stop was at body shop and I was pleased with the quality and the price it came at and I am very content with it.  I paid RS 895 after my membership discount of 10%.

Chambor Dazzle Eye pencils:

There is and never will be a day, when I would skip wearing kohl/kajal. I have been using gel liners lately but now, I feel sluggish and lazy cleaning the eye liner brush every single time. So, it was best to switch to a twist-up eye pencil eliminating the action of sharpening. I have used the Chambor Dazzle eye pencil in black in the past and I enjoyed applying them and so I introduced myself to another shade in the same range i.e. Teal dazzle which is a beautiful teal blue that instantly brightens my eyes without much effort as they glide easily and stay put for a really long time. The are easy for touch ups and awesome for travelling.

Chambor extreme matte long wear lip colour:

I was introduced to this adorable darling of a lipstick when buying my chambor dazzle pencils and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Biggest plus for me is they are “MATTE” in texture without the drying effect. They are creamy matte but settles to a proper matte finish. I bought the shade 02 honey rose, when applied gives me the perfect natural looking lips that I always wished for. I am getting a few backups for sure.

Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Prep:

I needed a daily wear perfume which would be a mix of floral fruity and spicy and this fits the bill perfectly. I am not big on Tommy Hilfiger perfumes but this one is good enough for everyday use.

I will do a individual product review very soon. There are not too many favourites this month but I am happy to name the few that made it to my September favourites list. If you have any favourites do share them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.