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We are soon approaching the colder months of the year and that means it’s time for bolder make up. When winters make your skin look paler you need to add some colour and warmth to your skin by choosing the right makeup. My clothing is mostly blacks and greys during winters but I emphasize more on brighter lipsticks and play up with accessories to balance the whole look. There is one more thing that needs your attention and i.e. your nails. Choosing the right colour for your nails is also essential to complete your look.

These days painting your nails with all sorts of different colours and designs is such a fad and everyone is being so high on it. Several cosmetic companies are trying to come up with products that cater to today’s trend for example, someone may not have the time to go to the Nail bar for a perfect Mani or Pedi and get some art work done on their nails or the other reason being it could turn out to be an expensive affair for the time it would last if you do household chores. So, to eliminate all that hassle you can now do your own little nail art with the help of Revlon nail art range.

Let’s jump to the review now:

During a regular visit to the mall I stumbled at the Revlon counter as I saw this sleek, frosted bottle that read “matte” and then I knew I had to have it because anything in matte finish is totally up my alley. There were some great shades to choose from but I chose this warm dark maroon that comes with a metallic light gold colour to help you create your own version of nail art. It is totally fun to play with but, while I can try my hand on nail art like a pro on my left hand I would need someone’s assistance to do my right hand nails else it would turn out to be wall art ;) and I know it not just me. Ha-ha ;)

Let’s jump to the review now:

Product name: Revlon Nail art shiny matte nail enamel

Shade name: Tortoise shell

Quantity: 7.68 ml

Price: RS 375

This nail enamel comes in a sleek 2 sided bottle. On one side is the matte version of the enamel and the other houses the shiny/metallic version. The matte side has a regular paint brush while the other side has a more precise brush for application which allows you to showcase your artistic side.

Upon a single coat the matte one looks completely opaque and in sometime transitions to a frosty matte finish and you can go ahead with the second coat of matte for a more even finish. This nail colour takes time to dry completely while the metallic one dries a lot quicker.

On the longevity of the nail polish I would say if you don’t do any household chores it would last on your nails for about 3 to 4 days and then begin to chip and lose its sheen. The shade selection is amazing and the pricing seems ok.

Now let me come to the saddest part of owning this. When I took off the nail paint after a few days of wear time it turned my nails yellow in colour yikes! I never wear nail paints at home as I keep them only for the weekends so there was no way that my nails were discoloured prior to this. After a month or so I gathered the courage to apply this again and it did exactly the same thing.

It was so embarrassing to have such discoloured nails that I had to wear a nail polish to cover them as they looked awful in the day light and then impatiently waited till I could have them grow out and chop them off. I am very disappointed with this nail colour and would never dare to apply it again.

Final thoughts:

If you are a beginner at nail art you could give it a try but I love my nails and I can’t see this happening to them ever again. So I won’t be repurchasing this product.

P.S: I could not find the earlier pictures of the nail art I did with this product and didn’t have the heart to experiment again so just freshly applied one-one coat of both the shades to show you all how the colours actually look on nails. May be you all can use a different base coat and then use this over it. Let me know if this has happened to anyone of you?

Rating: 2/5

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  1. oh thats so sad ,i hate such nail paints which makes your nails yellow....dud product
    thanks for the honest review gal


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