Thursday, 31 July 2014

MAC Fix+ spray - Review

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. I have had a very busy week overall which involved travelling, catching up with friends and family back home. This trip certainly rejuvenated me and now I have bought another product that can rejuvenate me without putting in any effort. It is a product that I have been longing to own. I have always heard noteworthy reviews of this stuff but never got a chance to pick it up for myself.

So, this was the right time to get my hands on it and I am elated. This product has been on the MAC’s shelves for a long time and I regret not embracing it all this while. As they say better late than never  :D

Product name: Mac Fix +

Quantity: 100 ML

Price: Rs 1500

What MAC says about this product:

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

My experience with the product:

To begin with I have a combination skin with an oily T-zone. Applying makeup on a combination skin can be very whimsical. As I sometimes have to apply excess moisturizer only on my cheeks as my T-zone gets oilier sooner than I know. So, trying to strike a balance between the right amounts of moisturizer, foundation and setting powder I would always end up with a made up look  :( when I was almost giving up on my makeup I welcomed the MAC fix+ in my life.

This stuff works!  Well, the claims about makeup longevity may not hold true but it surely adds life to a dull face. It acts as a skin refresher and also works as a makeup setting spray/finishing mist but don't expect it to make your makeup last for long. It is doing what it is suppose to do so I am content with that. This product can be used in various ways.

a)      If you are dry skinned then use the fix+ before you apply your moisturizer to lock in moisture and then finish your make up with this spray. This will give you a very fresh and youthful looking skin.

b)      If you are normal to combination skin finishing your makeup with a few spritz of the fix plus will make your skin more radiant.

c)       Applying pigments and mineralize eye shadows becomes easy if you dampen your eye shadow brush with the fix plus first. The result is dynamic.

d)      You can use the fix plus to replenish the dehydrated skin during summers and also do a whole world of goodness to your skin by keeping it hydrated in winters.




The fix plus comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pearl finish allowing you to see the product you are left with. It is designed with a pump lock feature allowing it to be travel friendly. This product has a very mild fragrance which does not last for too long. The smell is pleasingly fresh, cooling and revitalizing as it has extracts of green tea, camomile and cucumber. You need to hold the fix+ 12” or 30 CM away from face and then spray evenly. You can use this before or after makeup. On spraying the fix+ it may take a few seconds to absorb the product in your skin and once it does you get a gorgeous glow that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Final thoughts:

I totally adore this product and how it works for me. It hides and takes care of the dry patches caused by weather change or a foundation that is difficult to blend. This lasts on my skin for a good 5 hrs. or so keeping my skin dewy and fresh.

The Nice:

Skin refresher and a finishing mist in one product.

Fresh smelling

Good quantity that will last me 8 to 10 months easily

Travel friendly

Beneficial to use for both summer and winters.

It has calming properties coming from camomile, cucumber and green tea extracts.

Part of Back 2 MAC offer

Comes with a pump lock feature

The not so Nice:


Can look little greasy on oily skinned beauties in summers.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy using this product as I am. I would love to hear from you on how you use your Fix+ spray so do leave your comment below.



Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Body shop Haul post

Hey everyone,

I just returned from a short trip yesterday and that is the reason I could not do any blog post from the last 3 days my apologies for that.

So, on my way back to Chennai from Hyderabad I indulged in a small haul from the Body shop.  Well, that was seriously not planned. I just wanted to while away my time so I sneaked in to the Body shop store only until my ears could hear a “Boarding now” announcement. However, I ended up buying a bunch of things. Why does this always happen to me… darn you self-control…:D

The SA at the body shop store was in a hurry to finish her sale and rush back home. While I was not keen on buying anything  but her constant questions about any perfumes?  Any foundation?  Shower gels?  blah blah blah did not cease from coming. Who likes to be asked so many questions?  In fact, I am customer and I will ask you questions if need be until then I like to be left alone when I shop I just don’t need people to be my shadow. You all can monitor your customers from a distance you don’t have to get into their face all the time. This is not just one store in particular it is the same at any random store you visit. Sorry about all the ranting and raving. I am still hopeful of a pleasant and peaceful shopping experience in future. :)

Ok so let’s see what I bought…

Organic cotton rounds:  These are a pack of 100 round cotton pads made from 100%Organic cotton. They are soft and gentle on the skin. You can use them for removing your complete face make up including your eye makeup as they are very gentle wipes.

Price Rs 300

Loofah Mitt:  Smooth & Renew Loofah Mitt. The rough road to soft skin.

This particular product is meant to scrub off any dry skin and remove dead cells. It stimulates skin microcirculation. It is very abrasive to touch.

This is what body shop says about it:

The Community Fair Trade natural loofah used in our exfoliating accessories comes from western Honduras. Loofah is a climbing plant that takes six months to grow. Local people harvest the loofah fruit, remove the shell and dry the flesh in the sun. The fibres are pressed, cut into shape and made into mitts.

This sounds very exciting and I look forward for some great results. Will keep you posted.

Price: Rs 595

Ultra Fine Bath Lily Olive Green: 

A gently exfoliating lily to increase the lather of your body wash and remove dead skin cells. Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It is available in various colours.

This is a normal loofah for everyday use. I picked it up for its brilliant quality and the beautiful olive green colour.

Price: Rs 225

Strawberry Lip butter:

A new edition to the butter family. I love the Body shop body butters and the strawberry one is hands down my favourite. So, when I saw that it read strawberry lip butter I picked it up without a second thought. It smells delicious like strawberry shortcake. It is very moisturizing and comes in a similar packaging like the body butter.

Weight:  9gms 10ml

Price: Rs 350

Facial buffer:

Used with facial wash, this gentle exfoliating sponge will leave skin soft and smooth.

  • Helps facial wash lather
  • Stimulates skin microcirculation
  • Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation

Price : Rs 210

Hope you enjoyed the haul post. What are your favourite Body shop products do share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.



Saturday, 26 July 2014

Vanity essentials-

Hellooo everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.. I have been spending  a lot of time before the mirror lately trying to master the art of applying makeup as I am not a Pro. So, one day as I stood before the mirror I realized that there was a dire need to have certain vanity essentials around me when I would either apply or remove my makeup So I am putting a  list together for you  all which I feel would not only save your time before applying makeup but even discarding your makeup.

1) Tissue box
This one is pretty self explanatory. A box of tissue comes handy when you do your makeup as you may need it for various purposes like cleaning your makeup brushes with a liquid brush cleanser or to wipe off the excess loose powder from your face and lot of other things.

2)Wet wipes
We all know how important it is to get rid off your makeup before you go to sleep  and we also know there could be days when we feel lazy, cranky or just could be busy but what has to go has to go. So, makeup remover wipes make your life easy by taking off almost all of your makeup leaving your skin clean dont forget to rinse though.

3) Cotton swabs
Only I know how often I use them when I do my eye makeup. Oh my winged eyeliner! It just doesn't agree to look the same on both my eyes  :(  so, in my quest to attain a perfect winged eyeliner look only these cotton swabs are a saving grace in achieving near to perfect eye makeup. As they are easier to use and allow you to concentrate on the area that needs detailed attention.

4) Cotton wool
A roll of cotton wool or cotton balls is another vanity essential whether you are trying new makeup looks or removing your makeup this is an indispensable item in your vanity.

5) Hair clips/bobby pins
You obviously dont want your hair disrupting you when you are putting on your makeup. So, remember to pin it up neatly before applying and before removing your makeup. This makes the whole routine experience uncomplicated.

6) Makeup remover or makeup cleanser
If you spend a good time applying your make up do spend a reasonable amount of time taking it off too. By using a good makeup cleanser your job becomes effortless as it takes off all the impurities left on the skin caused by various factors.

7) Kabuki brush and loose powder
Keeping this stuff with you will help you to get rid of the fall out from the eyeshadows or pigments. So after you are done with your eye makeup just dust some loose powder with a kabuki or a powder brush for a clean look.

Having these things at my disposal made my makeup regime both applying and taking it off super easy. If there is anything different you do in your regime please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Things to consider if you intent to visit a Shopping Mall

Hello friends,

 Who doesn’t love going to a shopping mall… Malls today are not just meant for shopping they have actually become a hangout place. Why people love going to malls? Well, If you were to ask me this question I would say it’s my one stop place where I can buy my groceries, watch a movie, visit a salon, buy my cosmetics, sip a cup of coffee, catch up with friends for lunch or dinner,  go to the pharmacy and also do my general shopping of clothes, shoes and bags. So why would I want to go anywhere else? This saves me my time and I get to do everything what I want to do over my weekend. Every city houses a mall one bigger than the other because they understand that we lead busy lives and would love to have everything available at one place.

So, I am writing a general post about things you may consider if you intent to visit a mall.

1)      This one is for the ladies... Please put your best “footwear” forward... When I say best footwear it simply means wear your most comfortable shoes or sandals when you visit a mall. It just makes your shopping time a happy time. There are times escalators don’t function or may be under maintenance so; doing all that walking in your heels won’t be a pleasant experience.

2)       Heading to a mall on a Saturday or Sunday can be a challenge as quarter of the city’s population would be present there. So, if you are going with a pure intention of shopping then consider making it on a Friday. This way you will eliminate the long queues in front on the trial room or billing counters. Trust me the stores are more than welcoming to their customers during weekdays.. ha-haJ

3)      Off late every single store has started to charge you for a shopping bag. When I happened to ask them their answer was we are discouraging the use of plastic bags then why charge us to sell them why can’t they offer recycled paper bags.. Grrrrr..  so, my suggestion to you all would be carry your own bag from home instead of paying for it. This way you will remember to keep all your things together without losing them.

4)      Never go shopping with a empty stomach as this may bring down your energy levels and you may end up buying things you don’t even like. So keep yourself energized if you are going to a mall. First eat and then shop.

5)      Another important thing to remember when shopping  to take your bill after making the payment and also take a quick look at it by counting the number of items you bought and the no. of items you were billed for and also check for applicable discounts so that you don’t pay extra. Keep your bills safely even after getting home as you may realize that you need an exchange. Exchange of items requires  you to produce your original bill and also retain the price tags and do get them exchanged before the deadline set by the stores exchange policy programme.

6)      You will always see a mad rush in the mall and this makes parking your vehicle a big challenge. As the parking lots are often congested and cramped up you could be sent to the next or the next parking level area example p1, p2 etc.  so, do consider giving the driver’s seat to an experienced driver as the entry to parking levels is very narrow in most of the malls here.

7)      If you are asked to deposit your shopping bags at the entrance of another store do remember to collect them back when you leave their store. This happens so often to me that I forget my stuff and then go back recollecting where I left it… so, don’t be forgetful.

8)      When eating out or having a coffee inside the mall remember to collect your valuables like mobile phones , wallets/handbags. Your phone camouflages with the other things kept on the table so pay good attention before you leave your table. I always can’t seem to find my phone even when it is in front of my eyes…:D

9)       Lastly, keep your parking receipt and parking fees handy before you reach the boom barrier at the time of exit so that you don’t waste your valuable time and also of others.


These thoughts came to my mind from my experiences at the mall. I hope these suggestions would help you in some way or the other. If you have any suggestions that I missed please do drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

MAC eyeshadow Club - Review

Hello everyone,

I have been lately digging up my vanity like a scavenger to chose a product that I can put up a review of.  While I want to talk about everything I own in my cosmetics stash it is practically not possible to do so at once. So, I decided to review this pretty eye shadow from my MAC collection.

Product: Club eye shadow 

Finish: Satin

Weight: 1.5gms

Price: Rs990 and Rs720 for a refill

MAC describes this eye shadow as: A Red brown with green pearl. Highly pigmented powder applies evenly and blends well.

My experience with the product:

When searching for that perfect party wear eye shadow I was recommended the Club e/s by the SA. When I took a look at it I knew I missed seeing it in the e/s section because it was such a unflattering colour it looked like a dull brownish grey and on swatching it on my hand it only worsened the opinion I had formed about it. Then the SA came to my rescue and advised that this is a duo chrome effect and to get the best out of it one needed to apply it the right way.

So, she applied the MAC paint pot as a base all over my eyelid and then patted the club e/s on the entire lid. I could not believe my eyes what a treat this shade turned out to be. Its true abilities stand out only when layered with a primer or a matte base like MAC’s pro long wear paint pot. You could also use it by spraying the MAC Fix+ on your brush and then using the e/s.

firstly,I apply the MAC paint pot all over my  eye lids and then layer the club e/s on top of it and use a soft brown matte e/s on my crease to blend softening the harsh lines  and use a black kohl on my waterline  and of course the Mascara. You are now ready to go clubbing!

Using this e/s will always make others wonder if you have used more than two colours to do your eye makeup. Thanks to its duo chrome effect.

You can see in the swatches from left to right the first swatch is a direct application of the product from the pot you see how it looks so boring. The second is using a primer as a base and the third swatch is using a paint pot. You can see how gorgeous this shade can look. It lasts on my eyes for nearly 5hrs with a primer and 7hrs with the Paint pot.

The Nice:

Gorgeous shade

Duo chrome effect

Lasting power is amazing

Fall out is minimal.

Very smooth texture.

The not so nice:

Needs to be layered


Final thoughts: Don’t judge the book by its cover. Try it at a MAC store near you and you will know why you must add this shade to your collection. I enjoy wearing this and I hope you will too.

Rating: 5/5
Thank you for reading.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Estee Lauder Daywear Advanced Multi-protection Anti-oxidant creme SPF15- Review


Reviewing products is never easy especially with the skincare products because you take chances and experiment on your skin.  While sometimes it can be fruitful but there are instances when it can be disastrous too. While we always hope that we find our Holy Grail product in them that may not be the case always. One such chance that I took recently was with the Estee Lauder’s crème. Read on to see how it faired…

Product name: Estee Lauder Day wear Advanced Multi-protection Anti-oxidant crème SPF 15 for Normal/combination skin

Price: RS 3,600

Weight: 50ml

What Estee Lauder says about this product:

This high-performance moisturizer defends against signs of premature aging—and diminishes their appearance—with the most effective anti-oxidant power ever.*

DayWear includes our proven Super Anti-Oxidant Complex and Broad Spectrum sunscreen. It reduces the first signs of aging, like dullness and fine, dry lines. Refreshes skin with lasting hydration.

How to use: Apply AM and PM after your repair serum

My experience with the product:

I wanted to try the Estee Lauder stuff for a very long time now. Unfortunately, there isn’t  a EL store in Hyderabad however, Chennai has got one so I am very happy. On my first visit I was overwhelmed to enter the Estee lauder store. The products on display sparkled under the lights like rubies and diamonds. What a lovely sight indeed!

It is never easy to decide what you want for yourself when everything looks and sounds so appealing. The SA at the store recommended me a couple of products and I bought two out of the lot. The Daywear plus was one of them and the other was the Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam cleanser.

I have a combination skin though during winters it can turn from dry to very dry.

This cream comes in a gorgeous see through tub packaging with a gold screw cap. It also has a protective pull up plastic lid which prevents the cream from depositing itself on the cap making it travel friendly. The golden cap has EL engraved on it which only adds to its beauty.

The cream is of a soft, very smooth luxurious texture and smells of cucumber scents which doesn’t last for too long, the cream is packed with anti-oxidants and also has SPF15  which gives me sun protection even when I am at home. The moisturizing effect lasts me for the entire day but my T zone gets oily in a few hours. I apply this after cleansing my face, initially the skin looks greasy and oily for a few minutes and then it gets absorbed leaving you with a glowing skin. I feel this cream can be a bit heavy for hot and humid weather but normal to dry skin will love it. I absolutely enjoy wearing my foundation when I wear this as a moisturizer. It’s been 3 weeks that I have been using this cream and I can see a visible difference in my skin it feels softer while giving me a glow. The Jar packaging may hinder the effectiveness of the antioxidants as these ingredients break down when they come in contact with the air so, I am not sure if I would continue to benefit from this cream going forward but I am getting the Lotion variant the next time as it comes with a pump packaging.

I use this cream AM and PM after cleansing. So this Jar is going to last me another 1 month or more.  Always remember to ask for free samples at the EL counters as you may first want to try a product before buying them as this stuff is expensive. I was given the Advance night repair synchronized recovery complex serum and also their ANR eye serum with my purchase and have been religiously using all of these and this has really improved my skin overall. I am so getting the full version of the samples I have used as I quite like them.

The Nice:

Luxurious packaging

Very moisturizing

Lovely cucumber scent

Did not break me out

Has a SPF 15

Improves the skin texture

The Not so Nice:

Tub packaging destroys the anti-oxidants.


Takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin completely

Final thoughts: If you have normal to combination skin that needs some effective nourishment and moisture , that includes SPF, sweet smelling , giving you a feel of luxury then totally go get it.

As for now I have found my HG product.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Tell me about your Estee lauder favourites in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Six things I always carry in my Makeup bag!

 Hey everyone,

Today I am not going to do a makeup review however; I am sharing a few essentials that I always carry with me in my makeup bag when I set out of the house. Personally for me there are 6 most important things that go with me wherever I go.

Let’s get started…

Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream skin protectant.

This is a miracle cream by all means. I simply love the healing power this cream possesses.  Whether you have chapped lips, skin burns, dry skin , cracked heels, rough hands and flaky skin you just need to liberally apply this gem of a cream and say goodbye to the above problems.

So, basically it’s an all rounder which makes it a number one product in my make up bag. I don’t need a separate hand cream, chap sticks or face creams to add additional weight to my bag.


Admiring yourself is a habit most women cannot avoid. We don’t spare ourselves from looking at anything that shows us our reflection. Whether it is a cars rear mirrors in the parking zone or the glass walls in the elevators, your phones front camera, and anywhere else possible. Well, a mirror is most women’s weakness as well as her strength.  When you are confident that your hair n makeup is in place you won’t fear to deal with any situation that may come your way.

So, a mirror is your best friend in my opinion.

Carry a mirror which is not too heavy not to big because there is a fear of breakage. So, your best bet would be a powder compact which comes with a built in mirror also ideal for powdering your face to keep the oiliness at bay. I carry the NARS blush to replace my regular mirror as the packaging is sleek, compressed and compatible.


Blusher is an integral part of my makeup regime. My makeup is always incomplete without some flush of colour on my cheeks. So, this product had to be on the list. A blusher has the capacity of adding life to a dull face.


Wearing kohl simply transforms me from a zombie face to a pretty face. If ever there is a day I don't apply kohl to my eyes I can be bombarded with questions from people asking me for my wellness... Grrrr :D  whether your choice is a brown kajal or a black kohl it will only help you  enhance your looks.

Lipstick/lip gloss:

Pick your choice if you are a lip gloss lover or a lipstick addict.  I have a special corner for lipsticks after blushers. Here is a trick that might help you. Whenever you apply your lipstick, with gentle pressure dab your lips with your ring finger to set your lipstick doing this will not only make the lipstick stay put but will also give it a more natural finish.

Oil control sheets:

If you are oily skinned or with an oily T Zone these oil blotting sheets are a saving grace. You need not use any more powder as your makeup can look cakey. Rescue yourself by caring to carry these oil control sheets in your makeup bag. It quickly absorbs oil giving you a fresh and clean look. I like using the clean and clear oil control film as they are very effective.


 Carrying these few significant things along with you will make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. I never consider doing makeup as a task and that’s what makes it easier for me. I hope you found my review helpful. Please do leave your comments below and share what are your makeup essentials.


Thank you for reading.



Monday, 21 July 2014

MAC Pro longwear paint pot- Quite Natural

Hi ya,
Today I have yet another MAC product that I will be reviewing. This splurge happened when I was loving everything MAC and I still do. Every time I visited the Inorbit mall in Hyderabad I could not resist entering their store whether it was to test and buy their new products or just to say hello to their lovely staff.
I fancy wearing the smoky eyes look always but I just needed the right products in my vanity for a everyday wear without looking gothic. So, I took a plunge and bought the Pro long wear paint pot for the perfect and subtle looking smoky eyes.
Read on to know how it faired:
Product name: MAC Pro long wear Paint pot
Shade: Quite natural
Weight: 5gms
Price: Rs 1450
Mac describes the product as:
 A Dirty chocolate brown. A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking.  Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream based, can be mixed with MAC shadows and liners.
My experience with the product:
When I went to the MAC store I tried 2 other shades in their pro-long wear range those were groundwork and  constructivist. Ground work was too light and I could hardly tell the difference upon application  and constructivist was too dark for a daily wear and so, I went with quite natural. I am so pleased that I got this for myself and now I can effortlessly sport a smoky look during the day as well.
This paint pot comes in a see through glass jar packaging  with a black screw lid which gives it a very classy look. The product is creamy so you can either use a brush or your finger for application. You need to work really fast with it as the product dries quickly when it comes in contact with air. So take the product out and close the jar immediately and the trick with the cream based products like this is to store them upside down this prevents  them from drying and lasting you for a good long time.
How  to use it:
Use a primer to prep your eyes if you have oily lids else you could simply apply this all over your eye lids as it works as a good base by itself because it mattifies on application. You can use another eye shadow on top of this as the paint pot works as a primer base too. Then you may use a black kohl or a gel liner to line your waterline and generously applying mascara on upper and lower lashes. This paint pot when applied alone lasts me a good 4 to 5hrs without primer.
 The nice:
Highly pigmented
Good colour pay off
Does not crease on my eyes

Great as a base under other eyeshadows or can be worn alone by itself.
Great quantity would last me a good 1 year that is only if it won’t dry up. Its 3 months now that I have it and it’s still creamy as it was then.
Can be worn for both day and night look.
The not so nice:
Fear of drying quickly, if not careful.
Glass packaging doesn’t make it very travel friendly
Final thoughts:
I enjoy wearing this on my eyes every single day I don’t think I will ever get bored of this shade in particular. Enhances your eyes and makes them look fierce. So much quantity given and that makes me ecstatic.
Rating: 5/5
Hope you find my review helpful. Do leave your comments below and share which is your favourite MAC paint pot.
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Revlon clorburst Matte balm- shade Sultry 225

Hellooo  there,

I have another product which I purchased today during my visit to the mall. I have been wanting to try a Revlon product for a very long time but somehow or the other I would end up at the MAC counter…:p

You know the feeling when you enter a store like lifestyle or shopperstop in particular the perfume and cosmetics sections are placed right at the front and even if you walk with your head down the sales assistants don’t let you pass that isle so easily…sometimes, I don’t know how one must feel at that time whether like a celebrity everyone needing your attention or a catch!… haha!

So, when I entered the lifestyle store today it was a usual sight with stores packed with people and no place to breathe… you may ask me why? It’s the end of season sale  which is running at the moment and will last for nearly 2 more weeks I believe. Anyway, so among all the other brands I chose Revlon today and I am pleased that I did.

This product that I bought is a new launch from Revlon.

Product name: Revlon colorburst Matte balm

Shade name: Sultry Sulfureuse # 225

Weight: 2.7 grams

Price: Rs 800 (got a 15% discount on the MRP )

Revlon describes this as:
Velvety matte look. Moisture rich balm. A matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our triple butter complex of shea, coconut and mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, craveable colors.

My experience with this product:

This is a matte lip balm which is very creamy in texture, glides easily, very comforting and light on the lips. It is well pigmented and the colour can be buildable. It comes in a chubby twist up stick which is easier to use and hold for application. The outer body of this product is exactly the colour of the balm that makes it easier to identify in your stash. Oh yes, it has a mild peppermint smell and that transfers to your lips when you apply but that doesn’t last for more than a few moments.

This is a beautiful pinky brown colour with a hint of plum. I personally fancy neutral shades like soft browns or mocha but a beauty addict needs all the different shades in this world in her vanity so, this one found its place. This shade looks pretty bright and strong when applied but it settles just perfectly after a little while just the way a matte balm should be. If you have dry lips prep them before application so that this balm glides on for that smoother  finish. The SA told me this shade was a long lasting one for close to 10hrs but either she was not well informed or the claim is not true. As this product wouldn’t survive a meal or a coffee. You need to re apply it every time. Plus the colour bleeds if you don’t apply a lip liner underneath and I don’t find this to be travel friendly as the cover may loosen up after sometime.

The Nice:

Creamy, moisturising  semi matte to matte finish.

Pretty colour that is flattering on all skin tones.

The not so nice:


Poor lasting power needs to be reapplied.

Not travel friendly

Final thoughts:
The matte balm got me hooked. I like how the colour looks on me. Brilliant shade for everyday wear.   I like it though it has some flaws but for the price they are selling it one will expect much more. So, I don’t think I will repurchase this again.

Rating: 3/5

Thank u for reading. Take care.



Saturday, 19 July 2014

MAC powder blush in Melba - Review

Hey everyone,
Now that I had published my first product review yesterday I could not resist writing my next review. The thought of sharing my makeup stories with you all is very exciting in itself. So I checked my stash and picked up this darling of a product of mine for review. 

Product name:  MAC Powder Blush in Melba shade

Finish: Matte

Net weight: 6gms

Price: Rs 1450, Refill pan is Rs 1250

Mac describes this shade as: Soft coral peach


It comes in a beautiful round black pot with a transparent plastic lid and MAC embossed on it. If you have too many blushes the see through packaging helps you to identify the shade easily.

My experience with the product:

I like wearing blushes as I feel my makeup looks incomplete without it. My face looks so pale and in case I am wearing a foundation that day I totally need a flush of colour on my cheeks for a natural finish. I have been using the Clinique blush for a while now which I also love in the shade Pronto pink but this time I needed a peachy coral shade. So, while going through the MAC products in the store I stumbled upon this blush and I loved how it looked in the pan however, when I picked up the product to swatch on my ring finger it looked so chalky and I was immediately put off. On asking I told the SA at MAC that I was not sure if I want to even try it on my face however, she insisted and I was sold. J

I bought this product 6 months ago and this has been my go to blush ever since. A blush is such a necessary product in your makeup bag because it adds dimension to your face and overall features. This blush is a soft coral peach shade true to its description by MAC. It’s a matte finish which in my opinion makes for a lovely day wear look. It is very pigmented and if not careful you can end up over applying.

I am a matte finish lover so this blush fits the bill perfectly as I have a combination skin this helps in keeping my skin matte and does not accentuate open pores. Oily skinned beauties will love this. As this shade is sort of a mid tone warm peach this may look good on fair to medium skin as for dark skinned beauties this colour may not show or may rather blend  with their complexion. This blush has a poor lasting power say about 3hrs or so and it needs touch ups within a couple of hours of application so that might be a disappointment for many. 
 The good:

Travel friendly

Great for day wear

Matte finish


Does not accentuate pores

 The not so good:


Poor lasting power

Needs touch up

Rating: 4/5


Final thoughts:

Hmmm…It’s a pretty peach colour with a matte finish superbly pigmented and easily blend able just be wary about not picking up too much product on your brush as it may look chalky and blending it for a natural look may become a daunting task.  The trick is to dust your brush after picking up the product before application. I think it’s a brilliant product with a poor lasting power. L

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