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Hey everyone,

I just returned from a short trip yesterday and that is the reason I could not do any blog post from the last 3 days my apologies for that.

So, on my way back to Chennai from Hyderabad I indulged in a small haul from the Body shop.  Well, that was seriously not planned. I just wanted to while away my time so I sneaked in to the Body shop store only until my ears could hear a “Boarding now” announcement. However, I ended up buying a bunch of things. Why does this always happen to me… darn you self-control…:D

The SA at the body shop store was in a hurry to finish her sale and rush back home. While I was not keen on buying anything  but her constant questions about any perfumes?  Any foundation?  Shower gels?  blah blah blah did not cease from coming. Who likes to be asked so many questions?  In fact, I am customer and I will ask you questions if need be until then I like to be left alone when I shop I just don’t need people to be my shadow. You all can monitor your customers from a distance you don’t have to get into their face all the time. This is not just one store in particular it is the same at any random store you visit. Sorry about all the ranting and raving. I am still hopeful of a pleasant and peaceful shopping experience in future. :)

Ok so let’s see what I bought…

Organic cotton rounds:  These are a pack of 100 round cotton pads made from 100%Organic cotton. They are soft and gentle on the skin. You can use them for removing your complete face make up including your eye makeup as they are very gentle wipes.

Price Rs 300

Loofah Mitt:  Smooth & Renew Loofah Mitt. The rough road to soft skin.

This particular product is meant to scrub off any dry skin and remove dead cells. It stimulates skin microcirculation. It is very abrasive to touch.

This is what body shop says about it:

The Community Fair Trade natural loofah used in our exfoliating accessories comes from western Honduras. Loofah is a climbing plant that takes six months to grow. Local people harvest the loofah fruit, remove the shell and dry the flesh in the sun. The fibres are pressed, cut into shape and made into mitts.

This sounds very exciting and I look forward for some great results. Will keep you posted.

Price: Rs 595

Ultra Fine Bath Lily Olive Green: 

A gently exfoliating lily to increase the lather of your body wash and remove dead skin cells. Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It is available in various colours.

This is a normal loofah for everyday use. I picked it up for its brilliant quality and the beautiful olive green colour.

Price: Rs 225

Strawberry Lip butter:

A new edition to the butter family. I love the Body shop body butters and the strawberry one is hands down my favourite. So, when I saw that it read strawberry lip butter I picked it up without a second thought. It smells delicious like strawberry shortcake. It is very moisturizing and comes in a similar packaging like the body butter.

Weight:  9gms 10ml

Price: Rs 350

Facial buffer:

Used with facial wash, this gentle exfoliating sponge will leave skin soft and smooth.

  • Helps facial wash lather
  • Stimulates skin microcirculation
  • Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation

Price : Rs 210

Hope you enjoyed the haul post. What are your favourite Body shop products do share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.




  1. Nice haul! SAs in India are so rude!


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