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Hope you are all doing well.. I have been spending  a lot of time before the mirror lately trying to master the art of applying makeup as I am not a Pro. So, one day as I stood before the mirror I realized that there was a dire need to have certain vanity essentials around me when I would either apply or remove my makeup So I am putting a  list together for you  all which I feel would not only save your time before applying makeup but even discarding your makeup.

1) Tissue box
This one is pretty self explanatory. A box of tissue comes handy when you do your makeup as you may need it for various purposes like cleaning your makeup brushes with a liquid brush cleanser or to wipe off the excess loose powder from your face and lot of other things.

2)Wet wipes
We all know how important it is to get rid off your makeup before you go to sleep  and we also know there could be days when we feel lazy, cranky or just could be busy but what has to go has to go. So, makeup remover wipes make your life easy by taking off almost all of your makeup leaving your skin clean dont forget to rinse though.

3) Cotton swabs
Only I know how often I use them when I do my eye makeup. Oh my winged eyeliner! It just doesn't agree to look the same on both my eyes  :(  so, in my quest to attain a perfect winged eyeliner look only these cotton swabs are a saving grace in achieving near to perfect eye makeup. As they are easier to use and allow you to concentrate on the area that needs detailed attention.

4) Cotton wool
A roll of cotton wool or cotton balls is another vanity essential whether you are trying new makeup looks or removing your makeup this is an indispensable item in your vanity.

5) Hair clips/bobby pins
You obviously dont want your hair disrupting you when you are putting on your makeup. So, remember to pin it up neatly before applying and before removing your makeup. This makes the whole routine experience uncomplicated.

6) Makeup remover or makeup cleanser
If you spend a good time applying your make up do spend a reasonable amount of time taking it off too. By using a good makeup cleanser your job becomes effortless as it takes off all the impurities left on the skin caused by various factors.

7) Kabuki brush and loose powder
Keeping this stuff with you will help you to get rid of the fall out from the eyeshadows or pigments. So after you are done with your eye makeup just dust some loose powder with a kabuki or a powder brush for a clean look.

Having these things at my disposal made my makeup regime both applying and taking it off super easy. If there is anything different you do in your regime please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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