Six things I always carry in my Makeup bag!

 Hey everyone,

Today I am not going to do a makeup review however; I am sharing a few essentials that I always carry with me in my makeup bag when I set out of the house. Personally for me there are 6 most important things that go with me wherever I go.

Let’s get started…

Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream skin protectant.

This is a miracle cream by all means. I simply love the healing power this cream possesses.  Whether you have chapped lips, skin burns, dry skin , cracked heels, rough hands and flaky skin you just need to liberally apply this gem of a cream and say goodbye to the above problems.

So, basically it’s an all rounder which makes it a number one product in my make up bag. I don’t need a separate hand cream, chap sticks or face creams to add additional weight to my bag.


Admiring yourself is a habit most women cannot avoid. We don’t spare ourselves from looking at anything that shows us our reflection. Whether it is a cars rear mirrors in the parking zone or the glass walls in the elevators, your phones front camera, and anywhere else possible. Well, a mirror is most women’s weakness as well as her strength.  When you are confident that your hair n makeup is in place you won’t fear to deal with any situation that may come your way.

So, a mirror is your best friend in my opinion.

Carry a mirror which is not too heavy not to big because there is a fear of breakage. So, your best bet would be a powder compact which comes with a built in mirror also ideal for powdering your face to keep the oiliness at bay. I carry the NARS blush to replace my regular mirror as the packaging is sleek, compressed and compatible.


Blusher is an integral part of my makeup regime. My makeup is always incomplete without some flush of colour on my cheeks. So, this product had to be on the list. A blusher has the capacity of adding life to a dull face.


Wearing kohl simply transforms me from a zombie face to a pretty face. If ever there is a day I don't apply kohl to my eyes I can be bombarded with questions from people asking me for my wellness... Grrrr :D  whether your choice is a brown kajal or a black kohl it will only help you  enhance your looks.

Lipstick/lip gloss:

Pick your choice if you are a lip gloss lover or a lipstick addict.  I have a special corner for lipsticks after blushers. Here is a trick that might help you. Whenever you apply your lipstick, with gentle pressure dab your lips with your ring finger to set your lipstick doing this will not only make the lipstick stay put but will also give it a more natural finish.

Oil control sheets:

If you are oily skinned or with an oily T Zone these oil blotting sheets are a saving grace. You need not use any more powder as your makeup can look cakey. Rescue yourself by caring to carry these oil control sheets in your makeup bag. It quickly absorbs oil giving you a fresh and clean look. I like using the clean and clear oil control film as they are very effective.


 Carrying these few significant things along with you will make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. I never consider doing makeup as a task and that’s what makes it easier for me. I hope you found my review helpful. Please do leave your comments below and share what are your makeup essentials.


Thank you for reading.




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