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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing wonderful and staying beautiful as always. Well, I have been away for a while from my blog as I was testing a few products out and wanted to write a thorough review about them. So, it’s about time I give my verdict on them. This post is more like a skincare routine post but also consider it as a mini review of each product as I list them one by one here. My skin is normal to combination (with an oily T-zone and rest of the face being normal to dry as per changing weather conditions).

I am going to be sharing all the products that I have incorporated in my day and evening routine and here are my thoughts.


Clarins Pearl-to-cream brightening cleanser:         

This cleanser is part of their white plus range and it comes in a standard size tube of 125 ml. It is a foaming cleanser with a fragrance of plant extracts, and only a pea size amount is required to create immense lather. I have used this cleanser both for summer and winter months and I feel my skin could tolerate it only for the summers as this cleanser was very harsh on my skin in the winters as it ripped off my skins moisture levels making it dry to very dry and the feeling was not comforting at all. This cleanser does not do a good job at removing water proof make up so it is best advised to do a pre cleanse and follow it with this cleanser. This product gives you an illusion of a clearer and brighter skin but it all diminishes sooner than you can imagine. As for me I won’t be repurchasing this again. I want to switch to a milder cleanser and probably fragrance free.
Price: RS 1800
Quantity: 125 ml


Clarins white plus Total Luminescent Intensive brightening serum:

This is the first serum whatsoever I have ever used in my skin care routine. I bought it after hearing rave reviews about it. Sadly, it does not live up to its claims. I bought the 30 ml version of this and it also comes in a 50 ml variant. This serum is also from the white plus range and I was told by the clarins SA that this serum was their most effective and promising product so I took the plunge. After cleansing I would take 2 pumps of the serum and apply it with pressing motions as advised by clarins and it would leave my skin feeling instantly brighter, giving it a rosy glow with a semi-matte finish (sounds like a dream right? Yes it is a short lived dream :( ). However, it neither helped in reducing dark spots or age spots and neither had it helped in avoiding or treating newer age spots. I am highly disappointed and won’t be buying this again. BTW this 30ml lasted me a month and a half by using it twice a day.

Price: RS 4600
Quantity: 30 ml

Under eye cream:

Benefit IT'S Potent! eye cream:

I am using the benefit potent eye cream morning and evening after the serum. A full review of this product coming very soon.
Price: RS 2100
Quantity: 14.2 g

Day cream:
Estee Lauder Day wear SPF 15:

I have been using the Estee Lauder day wear plus moisturizer. I have reviewed this product earlier on my blog. So, I won’t be writing much about it here.
Price : RS 3600
Quantity:  50ml

Dark spot corrector:
Clarins White plus Total Luminescent All spots brightening corrector:

This cute little glass bottle comes with a metal top roller ball and this product is water like in consistency meant to lighten dark spots and I would use this after my moisturizer and dab it on the problem areas. I have used it for 2 months nearly and this has not helped or improved the visibility of the dark spots, age spots or blemishes. Again a huge disappointment. Will I repurchase it? Hell NO!

Price: RS 2600
Quantity: 7 ml


Make up remover:
BIODERMA sensibio H20 solution :

Bio derma sensibio is my go to makeup remover. It is mild, fragrance free, alcohol free and does not sting on my skin. It removes makeup very efficiently and it works for all skin types. This is by far my favourite makeup remover. Totally love it!
Price: RS 599
Quantity: 100 ml

Night cream:

Clarins white plus brightening and whitening cream:

This night cream comes in a huge glass jar packaging, making it bulky and less travel friendly. The cream’s consistency is like a thick whipped cream but it’s quite moisturizing though. A very little amount is needed to cover up the entire face and it leaves you with softer skin that is well moisturized. However, I don’t wake up to a glowing and radiant skin, it’s just the normal sort, no wonders. Sadly, not my Holy Grail night cream.
Price: RS 3800
Quantity: 50 ml

Lip care:

Burts Bees lip balm:

Need I say more? This is the best lip treatment any kind of lips could ask for. They will be healed and treated in no time. I simply love this product and I carry it in my makeup bag at all times.
Price: RS 400


I apologize that this post is more on the critical side but these opinions are my honest and I have arrived to this conclusion after using them myself, for a period of 2 months.

For who is this Clarins white plus range for?

I did not buy the white plus range for a fairer skin, my expectations from this range was clearly to have a brighter and an even toned skin. Well, I would say this range is for someone who does not have troubled skin, no age spots or dark spots and who does not desire for miraculous results that transforms from wheat to white. However, if I have to say one good thing about this range, that would be that they did not make my skin any worse or break me out so I would say go ahead and try it if you want to test it for yourself. While I still keep looking for products that are miraculous in nature. ;)

Thank you for reading.




  1. Mini reviews are nice.! Clarins is one brand I would love to love but the fragrance really puts me off. I am waiting for the benefit eye cream review now. It looks so cute in the jar.

    1. yes, clarins products are slightly fragrant. hehe ya will review the Benefit It's potent eye cream soon. Thanks babe


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