Clinique take the day off cleansing balm - Review


Dear Skin, I love you a lot and you know that very well. Hundreds of products have been bought, tried and tested on you so that I could take care of you well. My efforts to keep you beautiful and trouble free have gone down the drain, thanks to my poor eating and sleeping habits that leave me to highly depend on skincare products to cover up for the damage I am doing to it. Pity!

I love wearing makeup so much so that I would not even answer the doorbell without putting some lipstick on. (Now that’s an observation my hubby made ;)) Dress up and show up is what I believe in. so, wearing making can be so much fun but taking it off at the end of a tiring day can be cumbersome and too difficult a task. I wish I could take off all the makeup I am wearing only at a snap of my fingers but hey I have found a miracle product which is almost the same thing.

One day while I was hovering around the Clinique counter testing lipstick shades and swatching them on my hand I took the help of the SA to clean my lipstick marked hand and she introduced me to the Clinique’s take the day off cleansing balm. Oh my word! I was amazed how this balm worked like magic to remove every bit of makeup and dirt from my hand that was exposed to the cleansing balm. I jumped and grabbed the last tub lying in the shelf and end of story this is my Holy Grail makeup cleanser.

Product name: Clinique take the day off cleansing balm

Quantity: 125 ml

Price: Rs 2750


My Experience with the product:

This products comes in a huge plastic tub with a silver colour lid packaging. The tub is massive in size but not so heavy. It does not come in any additional box packaging. The product inside the tub looks like solidified butter and I scoop out the product using a small spatula. You don’t need a lot of product to cleanse. Next, on my dry face I just massage this cleanser and in no time it just melts into an oil like texture (nothing to be scared of) covering my entire face and breaking down the makeup effortlessly without tugging or excessive rubbing. Then I add a few drops of water to my face and the oil turns slightly creamy / milky in nature and then I wash it away with plain water. Voila, my skin has no residue of makeup left behind and my face looks brighter, cleaner and fresh. I don’t follow it with an additional step of using a face-wash unless I am wearing heavy makeup but if you are keen you may. Be sure to close your eyes tight when you are removing your eye makeup as it can make your eyes blurry for some time if it gets in or you could use a separate cleanser such as the Bioderma h2o micellar water for the eyes and use this for the rest of the face for me I am comfortable with this one alone. I feel it does such a fantastic job at removing makeup that I don’t feel spiritless at the thought of cleaning my makeup.


Final thoughts:

This product is Amazeballs! I highly recommend this product for all skin types as it did not break me out on my combination skin and it can remove stubborn waterproof makeup too so, all the hype around this product stands true. This is completely fragrance free and leaves no oily/ greasy residue after rinsing off. One tub will last you a good time may be about 4 to 5 months i.e. if you wear makeup every day. This cleansing balm is your best friend if you love wearing makeup like I do. Go grab one for yourself as this one gets sold out very quickly.

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  1. I love this cleansing balm. It removes every bit of makeup and makes my skin so soft. I had it years ago and now I want it back after reading your review:P

    1. Oh yes, this is absolutely the best cleanser in the market... I won't stop buying this. I love my bioderma too but this one is the best. You should get one for yourself again. ☺️😍

  2. This was the first purchase I made from Clinique and loved it. They have hiked the price so much now. Nicely reviewed ravs.

  3. Yes babe, Clinique has shot up its prices like crazy here. Good to know it was your first Clinique product and that you loved it and I love it too. I think Clinique is doing a fantastic job at making fragrance free products for all skin types. :)


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