Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Drops of youth Bouncy sleeping mask by The Body Shop

Hello everyone,

I am back with yet another skincare product review from the house of The Body Shop. After seeing every other beauty blogger putting up pictures on Instagram holding this green coloured jar and describing it in hashtags such as bouncebackbeautiful, rejuvenated, beautysleep and a few more that I can’t bring back from memory I was intrigued and I had to secure one for myself before I could hear the horror word “sold out”! Read on to know if this is a go get it or just leave it kind of a product.

Product: The Body Shop drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask

Price: Rs 2295

Quantity: 90ml / 90 grams

TBS says: Discover our new Drops of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask, enriched with Edelweiss stem cells. Designed to be left on overnight, it leaves skin looking and feeling replenished.

-          Youth-enhancing formula for bouncier looking skin

-          Unique bouncy, memory shape texture

-          With Edelweiss stem cells



How to use: Smooth on to face before bed and allow to sink in overnight. Do not wash off.

My experience: This stuff comes in a super heavy glass jar which clearly means travelling with it is not advisable. This product comes in a gel like foamy texture that is slightly bouncy . Every time I shake the jar or topple it, upon opening the tub the product sits pretty and looks as though you are using it for the very first time.  The texture is not creamy but when you apply it on your skin it is very slippery and siliconish and that is something I dislike in a face product. This product has a plant like smell to it which lingers on for quite a while. very little product is needed to cover the entire face and it spreads easily on to the skin. I use the spatula to scoop out the product that comes along with this and is of big help in my opinion.


After I smooth the product on my face my skin feels uncomfortable from the very next moment and I just wait and wait for it to get absorbed but it just refuses to do so. The first time I used it and left it on as an overnight mask I could not sleep because it kept sticking to my pillow, hair, face and everything else.

After a few days passed I gathered some courage and tried to use this again but this time as a hydration mask by leaving it on for 15 minutes and then giving my skin a good massage with it and using a hot towel to wipe away the excess product and noticed that this left my skin soft and supple so I figured this was the best way I could be using this mask.
I can not comment on the anti-aging benefits of the product because I have not used it as directed.

Final thoughts:

This product is tacky to apply and may even feel uncomfortable on the skin if you leave it on as an overnight mask but I have found another way around to still get some benefits of smoothening/ soothing the dry patches of my skin. However, I may not repurchase this product because I am not a fan of leave on masks instead I think facial oils are my thing. 
If you can get yourself a sample before purchasing the full size product you could tell for yourself. you may either like it or hate it and for me I am in-between.

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  1. Oh tell me about the Instagram post! I am glad you found a way to work it out. As much a I love moisturising masks, I too prefer facial oils any day.

    1. Hehehe.. Yes on the Instagram posts I tell you fio... But yes, I have found a way to work it out but I still wake up with a sticky face so I guess I have to see how it fairs in the colder months and will update it here.

    2. I'm sure it will be better during the colder months.

  2. Yaa babe, I am hoping it would. Fingers crossed :)

  3. Aww that's bad that it's not working effectively
    Thanks for saving some money
    I'm so glad you are blogging regularly gal