Zelens Z Pure liquid cleansing balm - Review

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I am back to blogging after a long hiatus and it feels so good to be penning my thoughts down again!! If you are a new reader? Hi, I am Raveena and I am a beauty blogger/owner at Cheeksnblush. Welcome to my world of pretty little things that bring me immense joy. While I was away from my blog for close to a year I did not put a fence on my e-commerce activities of buying more makeup and skincare... Ha. So, here I am with a new product review that has been tried and tested by myself.

Brand: Zelens by Dr Marko Lens

Product name: Zelens Z-pure liquid cleansing balm

Quantity: 125ml

Price: £ 50

About the product:

 With 20 years of research in skin aging the founder of Zelens Innovation Dr Marko Lens is driven by his clinical experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and his deep knowledge of formulation chemistry combining active biotechnology ingredients with pure molecules derived from botanicals.

Zelens products are substantiated by rigorous independent clinical testing conducted at renowned institutions.

Zelens do not test on animals and also do not use animal derived ingredients. All products are free from parabens.

My take on the product:

While the brand intro was picked up from their website here the review part is my very own. I am no aesthetician and may have little to nil knowledge on the ingredients so my reviews are based solely on my experience with the product.

Irrespective of the fact that you wear makeup or not, having a cleansing routine is of paramount importance and if you wear makeup like I do then, cleansing can become a little ritual. Which means there is going to be a first cleanse followed by the second because you need every bit of that gunk out of your face before you hibernate.

This facial cleanser from Zelens is lush. This liquid balm has a mild citrusy smell that is just very fresh and nothing overpowering I must mention. I love the packaging of this product as it comes in a soft rubber like plastic-y bottle (travel friendly) with a pump that lets you control the quantity you need without contaminating it.I apply it on to dry skin and rub my palms together to induce some warmth because only then I have noticed that the cleanser glides effortlessly for a proper massage and then clean my face with a hot flannel while you could also add a few drops of water to emulsify it into a milky texture and rinse off … Tada… your face immediately looks brighter, feels softer and plumped. I cannot rave enough about this product as I love it that much. My skin feels like it’s been given a boost of moisture and this has helped me save on my serums and moisturisers as I need such tiny amounts to follow up with. This cleanser removes makeup effectively but why would you want use this beautiful product to do that? I rather use bioderma micellar water or a cleansing oil to do that job and then use this for a second cleanse. oh yes, this product did not break me out and neither clogs the pores.

FYI I have normal to dry skin. However, I would not recommend this product for oily skin types as it can be a little heavy. Also, people with sensitive skin may want to consider trying a sample first because of the essential oils and mild fragrance present in it.

                                       (cleanser emulsifies upon adding water )       

Final thoughts:

This shiso-infused cleanser is a joy to use. I love products that show instant results and this one does. Use it as a first cleanse in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening to feel the luxury this stunning item serves for the equally luxurious price tag. If you can care to cough up some money on a cleanser you must check this out. I am going to get good use out of this fall/winter. Yes, I would happily endorse it.
P.S. I have purchased this product and the review is not paid  for either.

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  1. Sound of this product looks like a great one. Thanks for the review.


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