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Hello everyone,

Today’s post is about a Try-on kit I purchased from Clinique a month ago and I am ready to review it now. I had gone to the Clinique store to purchase their anti-blemish solutions clinical clearing gel which I have reviewed earlier on my blog and I requested the SA to give me a sample of their under eye cream and she sold me this little kit. Now, I am not very happy about this idea of selling sample size products at a high cost because I remember earlier receiving these sample sizes for free with my other Clinique purchases. There can only be 2 things to it either Clinique is unsure of their own products and that’s why they are reluctant to give away samples or their staff is not generous and want to keep the samples for themselves. :(  Anyway, so I bought this try-on samples and here is my opinion on them.

Note: I have normal to combination skin type

It consists of 4 sample size products and they come in a netted silver pouch.

a)      Clinique All about eyes eye cream  5ml

b)      Moisture surge overnight mask 7ml

c)       Moisture surge extended thirst relief 15ml

d)      Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer SPF 15 1.5ml

Price: RS 750 for the box which includes 4 samples and a silver pouch.

Clinique all about eyes eye cream:

As the name suggests it is an under eye cream. I have tried this product in the past when I had trouble free skin and I liked it then because it would keep my under eye area soft and hydrated. Now I needed more attention to the eyes as I have dark circles, dryness around the eyes and some visible lines and this product sadly does nothing. It only acts as a good base for my concealer. So, is that enough to buy a full size product? I would say no.

This 7ml pot would last you a month to help you decide if you should invest in it or not. The product comes in a tub packaging losing all its antioxidants and benefits once opened. This cream takes time to get absorbed into the skin. The scary part is it irritates my eyes if I happen to accidentally rub them, it stings. I am striking this stuff out of my list.

Clinique Moisture surge extended thirst relief:

Well, I have heard a lot of good reviews about this product and was curious to try it myself and the bottom line is I don’t like it. The texture is so silicone like and when I used it on my face it did not feel moisturized in fact it looked and felt more drying. It gets absorbed in the skin in a second only leaving you with dry mattified feeling. Sometimes, I even felt my skin looked and appeared darker with this stuff on. L With a heavy heart I am striking this off the list too.

Clinique overnight mask:

Okie, there are days when you need to pamper your skin and for those days I have kept this overnight mask handy and I am pretty content with the results. I woke up to a slightly softer skin the next morning. This is an oil-free mask and it helps to replenish and hydrate the skin. I use this twice a week and I quite like this product and plan to get a full size tube of it. So, this one stays on my list.

Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer SPF 15:

Hmm, I was very reluctant to try this stuff as the shade of this tinted moisturizer appeared very dark when I swatched it on my hand. Nevertheless, I still tried it on and what I felt was that this product is quite thick in consistency almost like a foundation. It blended easily on my skin but you need to work quickly with it as it starts setting. I felt that I was wearing something heavy on my skin that felt sticky and bothersome but overall it looked very nice and it photographed well. I think I am going to buy a full size bottle of it but match my skin tone correctly. So, I am still sceptical but I may give it a shot, not as of now though.

Final thoughts:

As I said I was hoping to get a couple of these as GWP (gift with purchase) but I was told by the SA that Clinique has stopped offering free samples which makes me think about going back to their brand as it is important to test and convince yourself before buying the full size products as this stuff is not cheap. I find Clarins and Estee lauder being very generous with their GWP offers and I always tell their SA’s to give me a sample of something that will show results as I am one of those customers who will go back and buy their full size bottle if I see good results.

Note: I wrote an email to Clinique mentioning about their no more samples policy and it’s been over a month and no one cared to revert.


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  1. Lovely post....Super likedd......
    I also bought the same kit coz wanted to try out their under eye cream and moisture thirst relief.... I asked for the free samples but they refused saying clinique stopped giving free samples and they made me buy this kit...but smewhre i m happy that i bought this sample kit and not the big bottles bcoz these two products didn't worked out for me either... :(

    1. Thanks Samaira!! I am glad you liked the post. yes the products have been hyped but not true to its worth in my opinion, even though I do have some other Clinique favourites...!

  2. Oh that's sad to hear
    In Blore I still get good amount of samples
    Guess it's to do with SA :(

    1. I have had this problem with most of the SA's but what amazes me is they are not even willing to give away a sample as a gift with purchase :( even if they do give out a sample they don't seem to pleased doing so..


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