My thoughts on my skincare regime

Hello everyone,

I am doing this sort of a post for the first time on my blog. I see several people request beauty bloggers to do a skin care routine post often well, this one is not exactly a skincare post but you will know what I am meaning to say. I have been experimenting with various products so that I can find what works best for me and what I should never ever lay my finger on. Now trust me this whole process is crazy and insane and you will know why when you read this post.

Ok, I have mentioned a lot of times that I have a normal to combination skin type which means an oily T-zone and my rest of the face being on the drier side.

On a quest to take care of my skin I bought an entire range of morning and night skincare regime from our very own Forest Essentials. Now, I have tried two of their products in the past which I quite liked and reviewed them on my blog and I felt I could put all my trust in their hands to help me pamper my skin so, I indulged or can I say overindulged in doing so.

So, I bought myself the following products:

Day time skin care:

Forest essentials Neem and saffron face wash

Forest essentials Rose water mist

Forest essentials Indian rose and marigold day lotion with SPF 25

Night time skin care:

Face wash and rose mist same as above

Night cream sandalwood and saffron

Forest essentials lightening and brightening Tejasvi emulsion

Forest essentials sugarcane lip scrub

Forest essentials Bhringraj hair oil

Forest essentials Mashobra honey and vanilla shampoo

Forest essentials Mashobra honey and vanilla conditioner

Wow, now that’s a mega list. Yes, so I used all the above mentioned products religiously for a month and above and here is my honest opinion.

If you have used forest essentials yourself you will know that they are made with all natural stuff without the use of chemicals, parabens, no petroleum, artificial colours and are cruelty free now that being said they are heavily fragrant in fact, so much fragrance that you will feel sick of the smell at some point because it can give you a horrible headache.

After using these products I noticed that my skin was not too happy as it looked dull and lacked the lustre of being take care of. Now these were not the signs I was hoping for but I still continued using them and the result was a face full of acne and breakouts which I am still dealing with. My skin has never been so sensitive to any products I have used in the past but the overpowering smell of these lotions and potions just ruined my skin. I should have picked the first signs my skin was giving me at the very beginning and now I have acne which is becoming difficult to deal with. I have stopped using Forest essentials a week ago and my acne has not subsided yet, looks like the damage is done and I don’t know when I will have my normal skin back again.

And yes about the hair care stuff, I was suggested these products for hair fall and hair growth well, my hair fall was not reduced even by 1 percent as it only aggravated it with its powerful and intense smell.

Final thoughts:

Firstly, these products didn’t work for me but it is not necessary that they may not work for you. Please feel free to try and test their products if you wish to. Sadly, I would not be able to gather courage to try these heavily fragranced products again. I am testing a new skincare brand now and will share more details soon as I can only hope it helps to repair my damaged skin. L People with sensitive skin should be more careful of fragranced creams and lotions.

Thanks for reading.




  1. Even I had terrible acne when I used Forest Essentials Cleansing Milk and Rose Water. I used it in Jun and its Dec now and the acne marks haven't gone. As you said, the damage is done. Before this I had been religiously using Ayur Care Cleansing Lotion for some 5 - 6 years and I had never had acne. I used Kama Ayurveda Rose Water and no reactions at all. We need to inform Forest Essentials to stop these products. I don't think they have suited a lot of women.

    1. I am sorry to hear that :( honestly, there is something seriously wrong with their products. Firstly, they are highly fragrant and they break me out and I am still trying everything possible to reduce/erase those scars but all in vain. I hope they read this post and how we feel about their products so that they can take necessary measures.


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