5 Must have MAC Lipsticks

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Hope you all are doing great. I have not been so regular with my blog posts for the last few days as I was not keeping too well. Now as I write this post I feel that I am in the pink of health. By now you all know that I am a MAC addict and this post will further testify it.

Ok, let’s move on….

A girls love for lipsticks begins at a very young age which commences with a lip balm then progresses  to a lip gloss and then stays with lipsticks at least that has been the case with me. I have owned countless number of lip glosses and lipsticks so far and I know it won’t end here. While in the routine of testing trying and owning n number of products I presume I have a few lipsticks that I would always repurchase and today I am sharing a few of them with you.

1)      MAC Russian Red

Finish: Matte

This is by far the best red lipstick I own. It’s a blue toned red which works for everyone. This shade comes in a matte finish which is not drying on the lips  like the ruby woo does. If you have very dry lips do use a lip balm before application but otherwise it does not accentuate the chapped lines. This shade has an outstanding colour payoff and only one swipe of this colour gives you an opaque finish. This best way to apply this lipstick is to apply, blot and reapply and you are done. If you want a lasting finish I suggest you use a red lip liner like Mac’s cherry before putting on this lipstick and it will survive your meal and a cup of coffee too. J

Overall a brilliant product looks good on all skin tones.


2)      MAC Mocha

Finish: Satin

This is a second favourite of mine. I simply can’t do without this shade as it’s my everyday go to colour. When I can’t decide what lipstick I want to wear I always get my hands on this one. This is a universally flattering colour which will work for any skin tone. It’s a very pretty soft brown with hints of peach. As I love wearing smoky eyes this is the shade that compliments the overall look fabulously without looking washed out. Though the texture is a satin finish it settles down to a satin-matte finish. Again this one is highly pigmented and one swipe shows up the actual colour. This has a decent staying power of 3 to 4hrs and then you will need to reapply. On the whole, a must have in your stash.



3)      Plastique

Finish:  Frost

This is a very beautiful frosty shade. It looks more like a lip gloss when applied as it’s very sheer and moisturizing. It  looks like a duo chrome of bronze and peach. As it’s very sheer it may not be a good choice for pigmented lips but you can still use this with a nude lip liner as a base in fact it shows up beautifully when applied over another lipstick  like a matte brown or matte pink giving it a glossy sheen. I personally feel that matured women would love wearing it as it gives a very sophisticated appeal. This will also work best for dark skinned beauties getting you the right amount of attention.


4)      MAC  Mehr

Finish: Matte

My love for matte finish is never dying and with this one in my stash I know for sure it’s never  ever dying J . This is a blue toned pink with a super matte finish. This is a must have pink in your collection as this shade adapts itself to your skin tone making you look pretty. If you are not a pink person try this shade out and I bet you will love it. Another Holy Grail shade of mine when I want to wear a pink blush I always pick this one to team up. This shade has always been a fast selling one and I had to make a couple of visits to the Mac store before I could own it. Very long lasting on the lips without the need to reapply.


5)      MAC Rebel:

Finish: Satin

Rebel as the name suggests. Firstly, it is not as dark as it appears in the tube. It is a dark pinkish magenta shade which  can be the star of your makeup look. A great colour for fall/winters as it can brighten up a dull face by adding enough colour and it can also glam up a boring outfit by bringing all the focus and attention to your lipstick. A head turner for sure. As this is a satin finish this shade is non-drying and makes for a very smooth application as it does not tug or accentuate chapped lips but beware as the colour may bleed so, lining your lips with a lip liner is very important. It wears very well if used with a lip liner and even after fading this leaves a lovely pink stain on your lips which is not very easy to get rid of. This is a very bold and vibrant colour and a good replacement for a red.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing and sharing it. If you have any cult favourites do share them in the comments below.


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