Get ready in less than 5 minutes

Wow! Sounds incredible eh? As much as I like spending time before the mirror doing my makeup, there are days when I have no time at my hand at all. And because most of us are not gifted with that flawless model like skin, we fear to step out of the house without slathering makeup on. But when I am pressed for time and I know that  I can’t do a full face makeup I incorporated these 5 products to eliminate the extra steps yet giving me similar results. :)

So, in today’s post I am sharing the quintessential makeup products I use to get ready in less than 5 minutes.

A tinted moisturiser with SPF:

This is a admirable product as it gives you an advantage of having 3 products in 1  a) Moisturizer b)Foundation/BB cream c) sunscreen. . I personally love Clinique’s moisture surge tinted moisturizer  with SPF 15 as it gives me an even skin tone with a healthy glow without having to try too hard and I love that.

Time taken:  1 minute


How would this product ever not be a part of any list? Ha-ha: D how can you blush without a blush? Whether you‘re a dry skin or oily, whether your choice of blush is a powder finish or cream based never miss to use them. A blush not only gives your face a dimension but will also perk up your overall look. Pick your chose from pinks, peaches or corals. My current favourite is MAC’s Melba blush which is a peachy coral shade.

Time taken:  30 seconds


There is no need to panic when doing your eye makeup just use the kohl along your waterline when you  got to expedite or speed up because this is no time to perfect  a liquid eyeliner or try a winged eye liner look. I prefer to use a brown kohl when I am in a speed because brown is more forgiving than a black liner. My current favourite is Lakme’s eyeconic kajal in Brown as it glides smoothly without tugging and it stays put as its smudge proof.

Time taken: 1 minute


Oh my mascara! Pretty underrated for the excellence it is capable of. Fluttering your eyes was never so flattering if mascara was not invented. A good coat of mascara awakens your dull eyes and adds drama to your face (in a good way).  My current personal favourite is Estee Lauders Sumptuous Extreme mascara. It is a great product as this mascara wand does the magic for me.

Time taken:   1 to 2 minutes depends from person to person

Lipstick/lip gloss:

Keep calm and put some lipstick on! This last product on my list is what you call a deal signed, sealed and delivered. Prettiest of all and easiest to apply is what you call a Lipstick. I never shy away from reapplying a lipstick even if I am standing in a queue of a billing counter in a store or at a restaurants dinner table. I am so addicted to them. So, yeah don’t forget that lippy to finish off your look. I am a lipstick person especially matte finishes and I trust MAC’s Mocha lipstick to do the trick for me.

Time taken: 30 seconds

These are the things I use to achieve a near to perfect look without spending too much time and yes don’t forget to wear that smile before you say goodbye to the mirror.

That’s all from me. Got to rush as I just have 5 minutes...!!!! Ha-ha….  Thanks for reading. Stay happy and blessed.




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