Forest Essentials- Tejasvi Emulsion Review

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I know there has been a delay in my blog posts this time as I have been under the weather. I have not recovered yet but I was itching to do a post because writing for my blog is what was going to make me feel better. Today I am reviewing a product from one of favourite brands yes, it is Forest Essentials.
In a given day I have several encounters with a mirror just to see if I am looking the way I looked when I first got ready in the morning but alas! my dull face shatters all my hopes making me very unhappy.:(  Having tried the best of products from various high end brands I was still left wanting more goodness for my skin as the results wouldn't last. so, one day I decided to go the natural way and gave Forest Essential a go and there has been no looking back. Read on to see what I found and how it faired?

Product name: Forest essentials Lightening and brightening Tejasvi emulsion
Price: Rs 1975
weight: 50 gms

What the product claims:
 A emulsion formulated by combining natural moisturizers with selected herbs to provide extraordinary fairness, smoothness and suppleness to the skin. Active herbs includes are very potent antioxidant agents which help in reducing the damaging effect of free radicals. Regular usage of this product enhances elasticity of the skin leaving it lighter, fairer, supple, youthful and a radiant glow or "Tejas".
Ingredient's list:
Aged cows milk Ghee 40%, Kasturi Manjal 5%, Virgin coconut oil 5%, Saffron 2.5%, Peepal Leaves Extract 2.5%, Organic Bee's Wax 2.5%, Jivanti 1%, Banyan Leaves Extract 1%, Akashneem 1%, Base QS.

My experience with the product:
This product comes in a plastic jar which has another opaque white colour tub inside that holds the product and the screw cap is a lovely golden colour with Forest essentials embossed on it giving it a very luxurious spa like feel when kept on your bath shelf. I seriously want to fill up my shelf with every single product they offer as this stuff is so desirable.
coming to the product, I use this product almost every night after cleansing my face. I just apply some product on my face covering my cheeks, forehead, chin and neck and massage this into the skin for 5 minutes in upward strokes. The product emulsifies and quickly melts as soon as u rub it against your skin making it easier to massage. A 15 to 20 minutes of massage is good if you are going to use this twice a week but in my opinion a 5 minutes massage works fine for me. I may alter the usage based on my skins requirement.
After massaging I leave this on my skin for another 10 minutes so that my skin can reap all the benefits it can and then with a wet cotton wipe I take off the excess product which is hardly there as my dry cheeks absorb most of it. Alternately, you can wring a hot towel and wipe your face too and then follow it with your night cream if need be.
I have a combination skin and I have been using this product from last 10 days and believe me you I am super impressed with this stuff. It is stuff that actually works and when it works it does wonders. I have never woken up with a brighter, softer, plump, glowing skin in a really long time.

The Nice:
100% natural products
Paraben free
Not tested on animals
Did not break me out
Luxurious packaging
Claims of brightening hold true but not sure of the lightening part yet as its been only 10 days of usage so far.
Sturdy packaging makes it travel friendly
Love the ingredients that goes into the making of this product.

The not so Nice:
Not everyone may like the cows ghee smell
Can be too rich and heavy for oily skinned beauties.

Rating: 4.5/5

Final thoughts: If you want to wake up with a brighter, softer and healthy looking skin that gives you a radiant glow or "Tejas" then incorporate this product in your skincare regime. I highly recommend it.

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  1. hey! just checking back to know, if it lightens the skin tone as they claim. thank you :)

    1. hey, glad you asked this question as I forgot to update. There is no lightening of skin whatsoever. It just brightens the skin but that may last as long as you use the product. Plus oily/combination skin people should use this product only during colder months as its too heavy on the skin.

  2. Hello
    Can i use it as a day cream?


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