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I have started enjoying writing reviews more than ever as this gives me an opportunity to shop more and explore other brands that I have never got my hands on earlier. The product that I am reviewing today is a brand that I have heard so much about, specially their TV paint stick. Their makeup is used by makeup artists in television, film and theatre and they are one of the world’s first professional makeup brands. This was my first time visiting their exclusive Kryolan makeup store in Chennai at Ramee mall under the Hyatt hotel and I was very excited to see what they had to offer. So, read on to see what I bought and my overall experience.

Product name: Kryolan Professional lipstick

Shade #: LC 130

Weight: 4gms

Price: Rs300


About Kryolan brand:

There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

Kryolan have been supplying the film, theatre and television industries for over sixty-six years, which makes us one of the world’s first professional make-up brands. We’re still the number one choice for make-up artists today, thanks to our extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories.

Kryolan’s chemists have been developing our professional range from our headquarters in Berlin for over six decades. During this time, we’ve created and perfected 750 colour-intense shades in over 16,000 products, which are currently used in more than 80 countries in every continent worldwide.

Also read:

Their products stand out under HD lighting and filming conditions, products are long lasting and comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, ingredients used are of highest purity, colour continuity guaranteed, perfect for professional environment and also suitable for everyday wear.

My experience with the product:

You know that feeling when you want to own at least one product from every brand on this planet so this time it was Kryolan. I was amazed to see so many different products, vast colour range of lipsticks, eye shadows and rest of the base makeup too. The staff was very helpful however, I asked them to let me explore the store by myself and would call for assistance if needed. So, I tried and tested most of their makeup by swatching and bought myself this lipstick which I loved at once. The lipstick comes in a basic greyish silver tube with a silver hardware finish on the cap and Kryolan embossed to the side of the cap, nothing fancy but it is still likeable. It closes with a click sound which means it is safe to carry in your handbag.

I have always fancied my lipsticks with a shade or tinge of brown in them like a Rosie brown or peachy brown and this shade is a coral brown in my opinion and this shade will suit fair to medium skinned beauties. The formula of the lipstick is neither creamy nor matte its somewhere in between. It glides on super smooth without any trouble. I personally feel that the lipstick appears to look matte but it’s not and that’s what I liked. It does not accentuate dry lips neither settles in fine lines. What I noticed is as the formula is creamy it is transferrable, but it does not affect how the lipstick looks even after transferring this means the shade is immensely pigmented and it stays put even after a cup of coffee. However, after a meal it leaves a stain like finish but it’s still there and that’s what makes it a special one. Even the expensive stuff doesn’t last as good as this economical product.


The Nice:


So many different shades to choose from.


Sturdy packaging

Reapplication not needed so often

Does not accentuate fine lines

Does not test on animals! Yayyy

Highly pigmented

The not so nice:

Availability is a concern as they have very few stores in India.


Final thoughts:

I am in love with this gorgeous shade and I plan to pick a few more different ones. They are very affordable so you can play with colours without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Please tell me what other shades you were able to purchase. Yay!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines

    1. Hello Pauline, I did not get a chance to visit the Kryolan store yet. However, it is on my list of things to do :) I am eyeing the LF 426 though.

  2. hey nice lipstick review. branded lipstick has best texture . I refer you : this site as inglot lipstick is also a good brand to use

    1. Thank you so much I am glad you liked the review and thanks for suggesting Inglot I have to try them soon. :)


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